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• The Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts

Los Angeles: We are pleased and proud to announce that Lutheran High School of Orange County will be naming their new community arts complex

" The Alexandra Nechita Center for the Arts"

This state of the art 800 seat theater will also house an art exhibition space and be the home to all of the schools drama and music productions as well as art exhibits.Alexandra will be graduating from the school in June and the official opening of the theater will take place in September.

The lobby of the theater will be adorned with a large sculpture by Alexandra as well as a number of her works and
a new logo designed especially for the theater.

The facility will serve the school as well as the surrounding community bringing the joy of the arts for generations to come.

• Alexandra Nechita to benefit the American Red Cross

Los Angeles: Alexandra Nechita and the Nechita family in conjunction with Allucra are pleased to announce a program to help the victims of the disaster on September 11. Funds raised from the sale of her newest release "Let There Be Peace" will be donated directly to the Red Cross in an effort to help. It is Alexandra's way to share her passion, love and wishes for the whole world. As many people know, peace is one of Alexandra's favorite subjects and it has a great impact on her work. Allucra is working with select galleries nationwide to share this beautiful message of hope and giving.

During these times of crisis, we all ask ourselves "How can I help?" This is Alexandra and the Nechita family's way to help with the relief efforts in New York City and Washington, D.C. Call us and see how you might be able to help the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Maybe Alexandra's words will help you to see how you can…

"Open Up Your Quiet Heart"

At times we're held captive
by overbearing feelings of confusion,
doubt, and lack of direction,
by things we have failed to finish
or failed to embark on.

Our heart, our inner soul is an inexhaustible reservoir of love
and altruistic compassion,
a great conveyor of truth and
wisdom that we too quickly forget.

Perhaps it is time to search your heart
to discover those hidden emotions,
to release and redirect them
into more meaningful experiences.

If you are interested in doing your part for America, please call. We look forward to speaking with you.

Phone 562-464-5910 Fax 562-464-3940


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